How our customers work with us

Our clients make use of our services to help them increase sales, reduce costs for support and maintenance, and make customers happy to use and recommend their product. They do this by:

  • understanding and fixing issues that get in the way of people making use of software
  • optimising software before creating help, manuals, or training videos
  • informing decisions about producing help or support material
  • optimising software before translating it

Case studies

Trade Interchange logo

Usability testing and advice alongside the last stages of the Trade Interchange agile development process, to maximise self-service for potential customers setting up and running trial versions of their suite of eSourcing applications.

" the tests have been very useful and your comments and feedback will help us build a product that is easier to use "

Mike Edmunds, CTO

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Minted Box logo

Helping Mintedbox take their online editing platform from beta to release-ready.

" we’d spent quite a while thinking we’d made our web2mint application easy and clear to use, only to find out that we hadn’t achieved it! "

Iain Bell, Director

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WeSayWePay logo

A usability evaluation to help WeSayWePay move their crowd funding site for community action projects from a successful beta to ready for launch.

" Very good stuff. We found out just what we wanted to know. "

Barret Stanboulian, Founder

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"usability testing is a ‘must-have’ process for websites and software"

Iain Bell, Director at Minted Box Software

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