Who are we?

3di Software Usability provide expertise in usability for software companies.

We are part of the 3di group of businesses - offering solutions to support products reaching their markets since 2002. This means we can draw on 3di's expertise in localization, technical communication, and information design where required for our projects. We also get involved in 3di's broader projects - so we get to stay closely in touch with what's going on in the world of developing, selling and supporting software and web applications.

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Why choose to work with us?

We're experts in software†usability. We're not website usability specialists with a secondary interest in software user experience.

As well as our user experience skills, the team draws on decades of experience in understanding what it's like for users learning to use software for the first time as part of the evaluation process, as well as long after the sale is made. We've also worked in software companies - in development teams, support and marketing departments ... so we understand the need for a pragmatic approach that balances users' needs with business priorities.

Our customers and suppliers love working with us and keep coming back. The people we work with day-to-day like our friendly and reliable approach and our focus on quality - we donít let them down. The people who pay the bills like our competitive rates and our focus on efficient processes - we save them money.

Meet the team

The team includes expertise in software usability, customer experience, localization, technical communication, and information design - across a broad range of software sectors - financial, technical, engineering, B2B, B2C...

Where appropriate, we also work with freelance specialists and consultants to ensure you get the best mix of skills for your project.

Rachel Potts - photo

Rachel Potts, Head of Usability

3di Software Usability is run by Rachel Potts, Head of Usability at 3di. Rachel has 10 years experience working for software and technology companies including Autonomy Systems and Red Gate Software. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in understanding users, improving software interfaces, developing user-centric business processes, creating and managing support portals, and improving findability of information. As well as bringing this expertise to 3di Software Usability projects, Rachel sometimes blogs about her projects and discoveries on a range of customer-experience related topics.

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Join the team

We are always on the look out for talented freelance user experience designers, usability testers, and user interface developers to work with us on projects.

We work on a diverse range of projects for our customers, combining teams of specialists to deliver the best possible quality and value. Please send your CV if you are interested in working with us. We welcome applications at any time, will keep your application details on our database and will get in touch when we have a project where we believe you could make a positive contribution. We will also keep in contact with you from time to time to make sure we have accurate information about you or to update you about what 3di Software Usability is doing.

We don't usually recruit for permanent roles, but occasionally we do agree to work with particular clients who we already know well, to find them the right usability or user experience specialist. These positions are advertised on the main 3di website.

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Meet the team at 3di

"Thanks for the hard work and flexibility, 3di are very nice indeed to work with"

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